Protein Almond Mocha Fudge Slice

Protein Almond Mocha Fudge Slice

By @Run2food

Vvgan, GF, oil-free, no-bake ✨🍫 Who wants a piece?!?

Here is the recipe ➡️⁣


4-8 serves depending on size ⁣


✅ 1 1/2 cups rice bubbles ⁣
✅ 1 scoop vegan choc protein ( I used @macr0mike choc caramel) ⁣
✅ 50g vegan dark chocolate, melted ⁣
✅ 1 tablespoon coffee powder ( I used @hello_hemp_melbourne latte powder mix) ⁣

✅ 50g vegan dark chocolate, melted ⁣
✅ 1 cup almond butter ⁣
✅ 1/4 cup peanut butter ⁣
✅ 1/4 cup rice malt syrup ⁣
✅ 1 scoop vegan choc protein powder ⁣

✅ 50g vegan dark chocolate, melted⁣
✅ 1/2 cup almonds, chopped ⁣


  1. Line a container with non-stick paper (mine was 10 x 20cm) ⁣
  2. Make the CRACKLE BASE: combine the rice bubbles, protein powder & latte powder. Melt the chocolate & fold it through the dry ingredients until the powders dissolve & all rice bubbles are coated with chocolate. Transfer this as an even layer into the prepared container. Freeze whilst you make the next layer ⁣
  3. Make the CHOC ALMOND FUDGE: combine all ingredients & whisk until the protein powder is dissolved & melted chocolate is evenly incorporated. Pour this fudge (should be thick) over the crackle base. Return to freezer to set for at least 2 hrs⁣
  4. Make the CHOC TOPPING: melt the chocolate & pour it over the frozen slice. Quickly sprinkle the nuts over the top before the chocolate sets. Return the slice into the freezer for 30 mins before cutting & serving⁣

    *storage tips: in an airtight container in the freezer! Just thaw at room temp for a few mins before serving 🙂 ⁣