Healthy Afternoon Hemp Smoothie

Hemp Latte

by @botanical_goddess

After my Sunday social hiatus, I had to tell you how obsessed I’ve come with this hemp seed protein from I’ve tried a fair few hemp products around, but i’ve got to say this is my favourite by far. ⁣

I’ve been adding it into my morning smoothie and can’t get enough, thinking of the next concoction I’ll make the next day. ⁣

I love a good morning smoothie, but I also love whipping one up when I don’t feel like cooking and need something healthy, light and refreshing, like tonight. ⁣

My go to afternoon smoothie goes a little like this…. ⁣

1 cup of Coconut water⁣
1/2 a Banana ⁣
1 cup of Spinach ⁣
1 Tbs of Hemp Lattè⁣

Blitz in a blender. ⁣

Sit back and sip away and enjoy. ⁣

Not only is it Australian made. ⁣

It’s gluten free. Dairy free. ⁣

Totally plant based and full of flavour and goodness for the gut. ⁣

PERFECT for a Sunday evening when you are winding down and wanting some high protein, low GI, omega 3 and 6 to see you through the nights sleep, ready take Monday by the balls.