1. Why don’t you sell direct?

It’s not what we’re good at, so we partner with great retailers who do a much better job of customer service than we can. It means we get to focus on improving our products and our business, which we think is pretty important.

Hello Hemp is really easy to get though. You can find us on Amazon.

2. Are your hemp protein drinks vegan, dairy & gluten free?

Yes they are! Our products are completely free from any wheat or animal matter making making them ethical, sustainable and nutritious additions to your diet.

3. Why aren’t the hemp latte, matcha and hot chocolate 100% sugar free?

While these products are 100% no added sugar, there are some naturally occurring sugars in hemp seed protein that remain because our protein isn’t excessively processed.

These sugars are 100% natural and not at all nasty like refined sugar. The absorption of these sugars is also offset by the high amounts of dietary fibre in these products, which is why they’re very low on the glycemic index (GI).

4. Can children drink your hemp products?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, a lot of mums are adding our hemp hot chocolate, matcha and latte to their kids’ breakfast bowls to give them that sweet morning treat without the sugar high.

They’re also great in smoothies, pancakes and doughnuts, and are a great late-night treat that won’t spike your insulin, disrupt your sleep or make you put on weight.

5. What is erythritol and why do you use it?

Erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol that has almost zero calories and is virtually carb free. It tastes sweet but isn’t absorbed by the body, which means it doesn’t affect your insulin levels. It also can’t be digested by mouth bacteria so doesn’t lead to tooth decay.

It’s the second most common non-sugar sweetener after stevia, and is found in almost all low-GI products (including Remedy Kombucha).

6. What is polydextrose and why do you use it?

Polydextrose is a soluble dietary fibre that helps give drinks their body and consistency. It’s very low on the glycemic index and has very few calories. It’s good for your colon and slows the blood sugar response to carbohydrates even further. It’s also not toxic to dogs.

We use polydextrose because our products wouldn’t be rich or satisfying without them, and it’s completely clean and healthy for your body. There are no known side effects or reasons not to consume it.

7. Can hemp get you high?

Not at all. Hemp is completely non-psychoactive, so no it won’t result in any changes to your mental state. There is no way to get high from hemp or any hemp seed foods.

8. Is hemp protein legal in Australia?

Yes, hemp protein derived from hemp seed is completely legal in Australia. From 12 November 2017, changes were introduced to the Food Standards Code to permit the sale of hemp seed and all its derivatives as food.